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Clear the Clutter
IX The Hermit – Completion

Practical steps to complete unfinished business and prepare you for 2013

took place Monday 02/11/2013


Act II

VIII Justice – Be in Balance. Have You Taken Your Own Review?
Listen here free, includes a visualization for balance
VII The Chariot – From Stillness to Movement [11/19/2012]
VI The Lover – Doing What You Love [10/22/2012]
V The Hierophant – Motivation. Finding Your Guide [9/17/2012]

Act I

IV The Emperor – Lead [6/18/2012]

III The Empress – Create [5/16/2012]

II The High Priestess – Take A Stand [5/7/2012]

I The Magician – Align [4/30/2012]

0 The Fool – Risk, Leap of faith, doing what you want [4/9/2012]
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